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Massage isn't a luxury service but a daily life need!

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Relaxing massage | 10€ - 30'

Relaxing massage is one of the oldest methods used for 4,000 years and is ideal for entering the world of massage in case you have no previous experience.

Pregnant massage | 10€ - 30'

Massage during pregnancy alleviates swelling, musculoskeletal pains and joint pains, and plays an important role in improving lymph and blood circulation and balancing hormone levels.

Sports massage | 10€ - 30'

The kneading in athletes is a very basic piece of training. The main technique used is functional massage. It is used to prevent bruises and chronic seizures, to restore, to reduce muscle pain and to improve performance. It strengthens the elasticity and the wide motion.

Reflexology | 10€ - 30'

Reflexology is a wonderful method of therapeutic massage applied to the area of the feet. There are 7,200 nerve endings that start from the brain and travel to the entire body on the human foot. Reflexology is not a form of direct treatment but a mechanism to activate the body's defense.

Head - neck  | 7€ - 15'

The luxury of time we can't be offered to you. But we can adjust the massage to your time. You will be relaxed and stimulated to continue your day or return home relaxed!

Swedish massage  | 10€ - 30'

Swedish massage is considered to be the most popular and well-known massage in Europe. It has its roots in traditional Chinese kneading methods that were adapted by the Swedish physician Per Henrik Lig. Swedish massage is similar to therapeutic massage and is recommended for losing muscle spasms Five special moves effectively contribute to improving osteoarthritis and poor blood circulation, reducing pain and lymph activation.

Aromatherapy  | 10€ - 30'

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to treat diseases. Oils come from different parts of plants. They are mixed with another substance (oil, lotion or alcohol) and then placed on the skin. Those who practice aromatherapy believe that the aromas of oils stimulate the nerves in the nose. These nerves send waves to the brain that controls memory and emotion.

Face massage  | 10€ - 30'

Benefits: It rests the facial muscles so that the person looks more calm and youthful. Reduces wrinkles and dark circles

Cellulite Massage  | 10€ - 30'

Intensive massage with the parallel application of products that break down the orange cellulite and causes blood flow to the area.

4-handed massage  | 19€ - 30'

4-handed massage is done by a pair of therapists who apply coordinated and rhythmic massage movements. It is the healing power in the union of a "strong" twin synchronized hands.

Chocolate therapy| 29€ - 50'

Chocolate therapy is an overall chocolate chocolate therapy session and has a series of therapeutic results. As is logical, chocolate therapy is a therapy that targets the worship of chocolate. Massage with hot chocolate is a very good way to save calories, and at the same time it is a unique experience that we unconditionally recommend.

Exfoliating massage - peeling  | 10€ - 30'

Peeling is a necessary body and face care process all the time, deep cleanses your skin, removes dead cells and gives you velvety feel and shine. According to experts, peeling contributes to proper perfusion, cell renewal and increased collagen production, so do not neglect it.

* In half an hour massage is provided with a shower, required before the massage